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About Tableair

Desk and meeting room booking system for your office

The TableAIr workspace booking system is a sensor and software system that enables employees to book their workspace from any device, anytime, anywhere. The sensors transfer data via WiFi so no communication cables are necessary. And all that’s needed to power the sensor is a simple USB cable. A POE version of the sensor is also available on demand.

You can integrate TableAir IoT sensors into your workspaces and allow employees to pre book them via the TableAir App. Every desk will have a LED identification light that shows if the workspace is available or currently booked.

  • Increasing financial savings and reducing carbon footprint
  • Employee engagement and wellbeing improved
  • Recurring real estate costs reduced up to 50%
  • Gaining the competitive edge
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The Tableair Workspace Booking System Is a Sensor and Software System That Enables Employees to Book Their Workspace From Any Device, Anytime, Anywhere. The Sensors Transfer Data via Wifi So No Communication Cables Are Necessary.


Nowadays People Tend to Subscribe to a ‘effective-sharing’ Rather Than ‘exclusive-ownership’ Mindset. By Placing an Emphasis on the User Rather Than the Chooser We Developed a Solution That Is Intuitive and Foremost.


Have a Better Understanding of How Your Spaces Are Used, Facilitate New Office Layout Decisions and Have the Most Powerful Tool for Planning Occupancy Even if you're Not Planning to Implement Hot-desking Systems, With Tableair Cloud and Sensors.


Most Successful Businesses Are Built on Solid Foundations, Tableair Software-as-a-service (Saas) Model Makes Sure You're Periodically in Contact With Your Client, and When the Time for an Upgrade Comes, You're the First in Line.

Request a demo and our workspace specialist will guide you through TA Cloud.

  • TableAir touchscreen kiosk will allow your employees to book on the spot.
  • ​Meeting room signage display will display real time availability of your meeting rooms.
  • ​With BlueTooth; NFC and RFID card integration we adapt to your existing infrastructure.
  • ​Guest and visitor management screen makes sure your business makes a good first impression.
  • ​Office365, Outlook, Google and CalDAV integration.

✓  iPhone and Android apps to book on the go.

✓  Occupancy analytics for desks and meeting rooms.

✓  Realtime interactive floor map.

✓  User, workspace groups and permissions.

✓  Multi language support.

✓  Multiple venues and time zones.

✓  Book now feature.

✓  Locate a colleague on web and app.

✓  Autorelease desk and meeting rooms.

✓  Software only solution.

✓  Sit-stand desk analytics.

✓  Standing program for sit-stand desks. 

✓  Remote work management. 

✓  Data security and GDPR compliance with ISO27001 certification.