SLC8000 Advanced Console Server


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Support and Compatible with multiple leading manufacturers such as Cisco, HPE, Juniper, Barocade, Arista, Palo Alto & Aruba. In addition, Routers, switches, firewalls, F5, Riverbed cloud product users, data storage systems, Racks, PDU and UPS Power management.

Provides secure alternate access method into a network infrastructure without using corporate LAN

Admins can access SLC8000 device ports via telnet/SSH, or web browser-based console client without any software needed

  • Need to change from single to dual power supply?
  • Need to install SFP ports to fiber networked equipment?
  • Expand the number of ports on your console manager (up to 48)?
  • Need to switch from serial to USB (or support a combination of both)?

All is doable with unique modular chassis having the ability to mix and match USB, Serial & RJ45 interface

Models Available; 8, 16, 32, 48 Ports

Why choose  SLC8000 as  your Solution?

Availability when the network is down or in case of a hostile attack on your network

Tailored security feature that provide a clear audit trail of who did what and when and to which system

Reduce complexity of managing large complex infrastructure with 24/7 low-level monitoring of distributed network

For optimal uptime, SLC8000 provide multiple access methods:

A- 4G LTE connectivity Kit as a failover solution

B- Fail-back to the primary network




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