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E220 is designed for mission-critical enterprise applications requiring faultless connectivity

Your business will, basically, never stop

WAN switchable to LAN

Flexible Wi-Fi; ready for the world with advanced technologies

Load Balancing; set up the load you want for every single device connected to your router

Advanced Failover Solution; avoid loss of communication anytime you have a connection problem with failover to cellular


Its PD-PoE features & small form factor made it preferred choice for CCTV security application

  • Oil & Gas Pipes
  • Weather Station & Solar Power
  • Construction Sites & Street Lights
  • Water Supply & IoT in Smart Farm



Why Choose E220?

  • GPS output & SMS event reporting
  • Intelligent Self-Healing Algorithm
  • Security; over SSL, AES 128, 3DES or VPN
  • High-speed 3G or LTE, WAN, LAN, Wi-Fi & serial connectivity
  • RS-485 Operation; Integrate sensors & 3rd party devices to provide seamless connectivity to IP networks
د.إ 1,139.00
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