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EMG – Edge Management Gateway

Enable IT system administrators to manage remote servers & IT infrastructure equipment securely over the Internet.

Most devices have one of two methods in common:     *via  USB port         and/or    *via  RS-232

These ports are accessed directly by connecting a terminal or laptop to them, meaning that the administrator must be in the same physical location as the equipment.

EMG 8500 provides up to 8 serial RJ45 RS-232 or USB Type A console connections


  • Telecom: PBX, voice switches.
  • Servers: Unix, Linux, Windows, and others
  • Networking equipment: Routers, switches, storage networking

Other systems with serial interfaces:

  1. Medical devices
  2. Heating/cooling systems
  3. Security/building access systems
  4. Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)

Perfect Edge Solution for branch offices, remote locations, retail stores or anywhere an offsite network device gateway is needed and space is limited


Why Choose EMG 8500?

  • Includes firewall features to reject or block unauthorized connection attempts
  • Access the EMG device ports via Telnet/SSH, or a web browser-based console client without any proprietary software
  • Automatic fail-over/fail-back; connect to network equipment even when primary network connection is unresponsive
  • Delivers remote troubleshooting & remediation to improve uptime and efficiency of networks to keep businesses running smoothly

In-band network device access

Dual 10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet or dual 1 Gb SFP

Out-of-band network device access

Local terminal, internal cellular modem (LTE cellular), Wi-Fi, or dialup analog modem

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