MCR Chassis

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MCR1900-AC 19 slot Modular Chassis System:

See what a Managed Converter Chassis from Perle can do from the comfort of your chair.

With an Internet browser, you can navigate around our management screens & see why it is the easiest & most powerful management Media Converter and Ethernet Extender system on the market !

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Why Choose Perle MCR Chassis?

An MCR-1900 chassis, with an MCR-MGT management module and a number of Managed Media Converters, and Managed Ethernet Extenders, are available for you to access.

The User ID and Password that we will provide you will be verified by a local Cisco ACS TACACS+ authentication server.

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د.إ 3,650.00 د.إ 3,550.00
( 1 review )