S-10G-STS Media Converter

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10 Gigabit Copper and Fiber Converters

  • Fiber to Fiber, copper to fiber and copper to copper conversion
  • Support for Power Level 1,2,3 as well as high-power Level 4 XFPs
  • Optical signal regeneration: 3R (re-amplify, reshape, and retime)
  • Advanced features –Smart Link Pass-Through, Fiber Fault Alert, Built-in Link Test Generator and Loopback
  • 2 empty slots that use use a variety of 10G transceivers supplied by PerleCisco or other MSA compliant SFP+ and XFPs

You can use these products to convert:

  • SFP+ to SFP+
  • XFP to XFP
  • XFP to SFP+
  • SFP to SFP ( 1000Base-x to 1000Base-x )
  • SFP+ to CX4

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Why Choose Perle’s Media Converter?

  • Gigabit SFP support – Allows users to use Gigabit SFPs today and migrate to 10G SFP+ in the future
  • EDC Mode Control – Algorithmic method used to compensate for optical dispersion that occurs on high speed 10 Gigabit links
  • Built-in Link Test – Any frames received in error, will cause the Power, LK1 and LK2 LEDs to illuminate in a specific combination to identify the error
  • Power Strain Relief strap – Ensure a solid and secure power connection to the media converter. Ideal for areas that may be exposed to any vibration


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