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SFP to SFP Protocol Transparent Media Converter

Easily extend a network to remote locations by converting:

  • Multimode to Multimode
  • Multimode to Single Mode
  • Single Mode to Single Mode
  • Dual to single fiber (Duplex to Simplex BiDi)

Using this technology will result in significant cost savings when compared to replacing an optical blade on network equipment

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Why Choose Perle’s Media Converter?

  • Rate Transparency – Supports SFP data rates up to 4.25Gbps
  • Convert different wavelengths – take advantage of the cost savings in both material & labor associated with Single Strand Fiber
  • Fiber Fault Alert – If the media converter module detects a loss of fiber, it will immediately notify the fiber link partner that an error condition exists
  • Swappable nature of SFPs allow for easy configuration & future upgrades simply upgrading a single SFP instead of replacing the entire fiber mode converter.


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