UDS 1100 Single Device Server

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The Perfect Device Server for Machine-to-Machine Networking

More than likely, you have equipment that are not currently networked, but could benefit your business if they were.

LANTRONIX UDS can put virtually any new or old equipment with serial connectivity on the network in matter of minutes with support for RS-232/422/485 serial interface & turn it into fully functioning component of your network with no modifications.


Security alarms
Access control devices
Fire control panels
Time/attendance clocks and terminals
ATM machines

POS, Barcode Reader, & Scanners

Traffic Controller

Environmental Sensors
RFID readers

Universal Power Supply (UPS) management units
Telecommunications equipment
Data display devices
Virtually any asynchronous RS-232, RS422, or RS485 device


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Why Choose UDS as your Solution?

  • Encrypts data at both ends
  • Faster connection allowing for quicker data transfer speeds
  • Connect 2 UDS device servers which will create Virtual Serial to Ethernet connection.
  • Deliver flexible power configurations eliminating the need for costly power converters
  • Built-In Web servers enables the company to access devices from standard web browser
  • PCs that were for hard-wired by serial cabling and understood serial data can instead communicate over the Ethernet

Previously non-networked devices

  • Will enjoy increased life span
  • Can now be integrated with newer networked systems
  • Preserve your investment in your present equipment

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