Arki Technologies LLC

is a Trading Company based in Dubai, UAE. We specialise in the distribution of connectivity and networking products.


Arki Technologies, with its global technology partners, strives to create innovation driven economies across various industries in the UAE and GCC. Empowered by the diversity and a futuristic vision, this is in in line with region’s long-term ambition to transform themselves into a hub of productivity and social change.  


Innovation : a competitive offering essential to the continuity of the business, and never out of demand in the market.

Effectual Engineering: our project planning method to deliver desired and intended results, with different budgets, without compromising quality specs, within realistic and feasible timelines.

Why Work wITH US?

Our values and principles

Commitment (our USP)

customers and partners perceive us as a reliable and cooperative partner committed to transparency, to contract specifications and quality, to timely delivery, and to follow-up during and after completion.

Diversity and team spirit

a healthy diverse environment is enriching and motivating, and a broad range of life experiences allows great ideas to arise.

Success-based partnerships

we practice our belief that success can’t be partial. Whether with a customer or a business partner, shared success has been a key factor in growing and elevating our portfolio.


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