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Data powers the Internet of Things, and it is all around us. No matter what industry you are in, connectivity is an ever-growing necessity. Effective insights require effective data. The significance of creating endpoints that manage data acquisition with the care and attention it requires is simple to overlook. The link between the physical and digital realms is provided by sensors. Now that there are more sensors available than ever before, almost anything can be measured, captured, and analyzed.

The right partnerships are essential for IoT success. Beyond traditional distribution, AT collaborates with the top vendors in the market to bring you the best technologies. To produce the best data and most valuable insights for your application, our engineers can assist you in selecting the appropriate endpoints.

We offer comprehensive IOT and M2M solutions that include connectivity, sensors, gateways, and pouters, among other components. For high, medium, and low volume connectivity, regardless of usage a broad selection of Lantronix and Perle’s full remote enterprise management portfolio.

Device Management

Connecting computers, printers, fax machines, and other electronic devices to a single network will enable you to build an intelligent hub and save time and money.

IOT System Solutions

Access managed multi-port devices that support a variety of applications, such as Power-over-Ethernet (PoE/PoE+) options.

Console servers

At any time, from anywhere, you can manage, troubleshoot, and reboot IT assets. Our Out-of-Band Management Solutions guarantee that on-site infrastructure is usable even when there are network or system outages.

Fibre Media

Our product line offers flexible, safe, and secure ways to combine Ethernet and TDM over fiber, utilizing the bandwidth, range, and security of a fiber infrastructure without requiring a total network redesign.

Device Servers

Make your serial devices instantly network-ready and independent of nearby USB ports! Enjoy quick, easy serial-to-Ethernet connectivity by connecting devices with a USB, RS232, RS422, or RS485 serial interface.

LTE Routers

With our extensive selection of LTE routers, you'll experience reduced latency issues and increased bandwidth. Additionally, create an Industrial WLAN infrastructure while enhancing machine safety and cutting cable costs.

Industrial switches

We offer switches that are robust, simple to deploy, and dependable even in harsh environments, making them ideal for the transportation, electric power, and critical infrastructure industries.


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