Lantronix offers IoT Energy Management Solutions, allowing remote management of power and utility devices. Their technology reduces costs, enhances resource management, and minimizes the chances of power outages. Real-time meter data collection, compatibility solutions for diverse hardware, and versatility in protocol independence are key features. Lantronix Energy products are beneficial for utility meters, substations, power adapters, and more. A case study illustrates Lantronix’s role in empowering an Ethernet-to-device connection for Quadlogic’s metering technology.

Perle addresses the demands of the Mining, Quarrying, Oil & Gas Extraction sectors by providing reliable device networking hardware. Their products comply with industrial standards and are designed for various environments. Perle’s Media Converters and other hardware meet industry needs and are used to reduce oil pollution in water supplies. A case study highlights their contribution to Jorin’s system upgrade with Gigabit IP cameras. Perle’s Industrial Temperature Media Converters enhance processing and transmission speeds while ensuring system reliability.



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